Monday, December 28, 2015

Thematic Photographic 361 - Mugs

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
London, ON
December 2015
Winter has finally decided to show itself in the Northern Hemisphere, with a massive weather system that spawned deadly tornadoes in the southern U.S. and an epic-scaled ice storm all the way into Canada.

As I write this, the winds are howling, blowing ice pellets horizontally into the windows.
I have a soft spot for weather like this because I've always enjoyed battening down the hatches - both literally and figuratively - with my family. Somehow, riding out weather like this is made memorable when you're surrounded by the right people.

A mug of something hot doesn't hurt, either, so let's go with that as our next Thematic theme.

Your turn: For the next seven days, Thematic celebrates the humble mug. Whatever mug you like to drink from, I hope you'll shoot it on your blog or website, then share it here. If you've already posted something, that'll work, too. Leave a comment letting everyone know where to find it, and be sure to visit other participants. Return as often as you wish, as Thematic is all about shooting, sharing and enjoying the photographic art. For more info on how it all works, head here. Otherwise, grab your camera and go for it.


Bob Scotney said...

I regret all my mugs are empty - not appropriate at all for toasting the New Year.

Thanks Carmi for all the work you put in running Thematic Photographic and giving us endless hours of enjoyment as a result. Happy New Year.

darlin said...

It's nice to be back in the land of Blog, I've missed it here! I shall return when I fill my mug with something steaming hot which warms the soul... cheers Carmi!

Tony McGurk said...

I have several glass Mugs that I can put something in. Perhaps I should go buy beer. For photographic purposes of course...

Tony McGurk said...

Hi Carmi. I was going to get Beer for my Mug but after I had Dinner I couldn't be bothered going out. I'm a raw beginner at photography & tried a number of shots but ended up getting my best result with an empty Mug. Therefore here's a link to my 1st ever Thematic Photographic entry: The Tony Files - Mug
I hope to become a regular participant in Thematic Photographic.
Kind regards, Tony

Gilly said...

Mugs here!

And a Happy New Year to you Carmi, and thanks for all the work you put in to Thematic Photography!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Happy New Year's Eve, everybody!

I hope for a great New Year for us all.