Friday, December 11, 2015

When the sidewalk is all you've got

New York, NY
July 2014
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In the deep shade of a hot and humid New York City evening, I hid behind the corner of a building and zoomed in on a stranger. I waited until he turned his head away from the lens in a less-than-honorable attempt to preserve his anonymity and justify the shot.

Why did I take this particular picture of this particular person? Because our natural inclination in our hurry-up-and-wait urban existence seems to be to look away. Indeed, as I watched from afar for about 10 minutes, no one looked his way or even slowed down. Many passers-by did their best to hide their head-swivels in the opposite direction.

Homelessness takes many forms. This is one of them, and on this night in this place, far away from my own home, this is what it looked like.

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21 Wits said...

Some people can light up anything, just by being!