Sunday, June 26, 2016

12 years a blogger...

Hard to believe, but 12 years ago today, I posted my first entry here at Written Inc. - And so it begins - and kinda sorta officially became a blogger.

My kids were a lot smaller then, I had fewer flecks of grey in my hair, less pronounced smile lines around my eyes, and a slightly shorter recovery time following a 60km spin on the bike. We still had a cat then, and our dog, Frasier, wasn't even a fleck in space, and wouldn't need rescuing for another few years. My wife is lovelier than ever.

Somewhat more sobering, folks who are gone now were still alive then, and on day 1 of this blog, I hadn't yet figured out how to get myself to the front of the line, fast, at the local ER. I often find myself reading entries from years ago, and as you can likely imagine, wandering back through the archives is something of an exercise in time travel. And like all forms of travel it has both its happy and sad moments. Just like life, come to think of it.

Which was the entire point when I first decided to put virtual pen to virtual paper. I'm a writer, so I write. And compared to the writing I do professionally, with its understandably imposed rules and voices, this is the one place where the rules and voices are entirely mine.

So if you're still wondering why I'm still at it 12 years later - long after emergent social media platforms like Facebook siphoned off most of the blogosphere's early audience and energy - it's because this remains the one space where I get to share pretty much anything I want. I wanted this to be my playground when I started it, and it pretty much still is. Sure, I'm active on Facebook (here), Twitter (here) and even Instagram (here), and the technologist in me is grateful that they came along when they did.

But this humble little blog remains something of a genteel, online version of home for me, the thing I can always pop into when I need a moment to reconnect - with myself and with others - through my words. It isn't the shiny new thing anymore, but that's hardly the point. So if you're OK with it, I'll keep at it for the forseeable future.

Because writing, like so many other forms of creative expression, is life to me. If I can't string words together, or otherwise share in bits, pixels or sound waves the strange things that bounce around inside my head, then this life thing suddenly becomes a lot less fun, and a lot less meaningful. I almost lost that gift once, and I remember at the time swearing to myself that I'd do everything I could to regain, then hold onto the seemingly inexplicable gift of being able to string words into coherent sentences. It may seem simple at first glance, but in the end, it's anything but. And infinitely precious.


Your turn: Do you still blog? Why are you still at it? Let us know where to find you.


PastormacsAnn said...

I am SO glad you're still here, Carmi!

sage said...

My 12 year anniversary will be this December... Congratulations. I like the blog for you can write more than Facebook or Twitter

Judy said...

Enjoy reading your blog...glad you are continuing...I blogged for a few years, but have not done much lately...interesting that you can continue so long, but I guess probably because that is what you do anyway...just goes together...

Jeremiah Andrews said...

Hello Carmi,

Twelve years is a long time. I opened my blog about the same time as you did. And you were one of the first "men in Canada" that I began to follow. You know why? Because you seemed to have it all. Family, Traditions, Kids, a Life.

I did not know then, what I do today, about becoming a man myself, in sobriety. And I followed you and you became part of my online family from far away. We've watched Zach, Dahlia and Noah grow up, your marriage is rock solid, and you honor family and tradition, something I admire a great deal. We've lost over the years, and life has changed for all of us. But you have been a steady influence on the man I am today, and I am thankful you have been here for all of us.

I'm glad you are still here. Not many people here in the sphere have survived, many of them have closed up shop, many really recently.

The memory I hold dear, is the day of your father's funeral, I was there, to honor your father and you and your family. I am sure he looks down on you and smiles.

Thanks Carmi,
Jeremy in Montreal.

Thumper said...

This made me go check to see when I started...late July 2002. Holy cow. Time flies when you're having fun.

We're old... LOL

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Feb. 12, 2010 is when I started Blogger as well as Gmail.. I started up here because Multiply had died... Also, a relationship went by the wayside and it felt like a good clean start.. You are 6 years ahead of me.. My blogging has stopped.. I still read and comment.. My photography has quieted down but my reading has amped up... I checked out your Instagram site and your photos are in stiff competition w/your oldest!.. Carmi, you have an eye for sure...The DOF u pick up is amazing..

fredamans said...

It's crazy to think just how much can actually happen in the span of 12 years. Happy blogoversary, Carmi! Here is to many more to come.

Tim Laskey, CFP said...

I started because you told me to! :-)

I continue for many of the reasons you've shared. I'm happy when my words resonate and help others (my purpose) but truly, the benefits are often more personal. My blog is part of my journal, my peace, my legacy, my way to sort out life and keep it in balance. That's why I write.

Thank you Carmi for the kind and caring nudge to get started and thank you for continuing to follow your passion for writing.