Monday, June 20, 2016

The twisted yellow pipe of destiny

London, ON
June 2016
For one last kick at the metallic Thematic can, head here.
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There's something surreally lovely about the pipes that bring us things like water, gas and other vital fluids. Most of the time, we ignore their very presence, simply assuming that whatever's keeping our modern lives in perfect balance will always be there, silent and perfect.

As rare as they are, sinkholes that eat downtown streets, gas explosions that level entire city blocks and even not-so-tiny leaks that turn basements into spontaneous swimming pools are evidence that sometimes, these vital conduits can and do fail.

I'm guessing this particular segment of pipe isn't anywhere near the point of failure. But I'm no expert. So I'll say a quiet thanks to whoever built this in the first place, and whoever maintains it to this day. I'm thinking they don't get nearly the credit they deserve.

Your turn: Who's your unsung hero?

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