Thursday, June 30, 2016

6:56 p.m.

Breaking bread
London, ON
June 2016
We're taking a closer look at time this week (click here if you'd like to share your own - the more, the merrier) and I thought my iPad's lock screen made a worthwhile subject.

Because it's always perfectly synchronized to the network it's connected to, my iPad has long been my go-to timepiece when time is of the essence. Like when I'm working to deadline, or about to go to air, or trying to squeeze a few more minutes of getting-stuff-done before I have to stop and jet off to my next priority.

I could say the same thing about my smartphone, or my laptop. I still wear a watch, because I love the tactile feel of having one on my wrist, but the iffiness of the time they keep (I typically set them a few minutes ahead so that I'm never caught late) means it works better as a general guide than a precise measure that aligns with everyone else around me.

It may not seem all that romantic to grab the time off of a touchscreen festooned with a picture of toast (long story, another time) but when I absolutely need to know the right time, right now, it's the best tool for the job.

Your turn: What's your favorite timepiece? Why?

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Gilly said...

I used to have a lovely watch, analogue of course, with a big clear face si that when I was speaking to a group I could glance quickly at it. Without missing a beat I could tell how much longer I had to go. I did this more by the position of the hands rather than knowing the actual time, but then I'm old fashioned, or maybe just old! Now alas it is no more, and I rely on my phone, but still have to think with digital time, especially if it's a 24 hr clock!