Saturday, March 11, 2017

Always look back at sunsets

The market says goodnight
London, ON
March 2017
To contribute to Thematic's "take a walk" theme, head this way
The scene: Downtown London. King Street, precisely. I'm on my way to meet my wife and daughter at a local art gallery. Our munchkin has a number of her photos on display at an exhibit, and we wouldn't miss this proud moment for the world.

I've parked in the lot underneath the Covent Garden Market, the jewel of a building that takes up most of the right-hand side of this photo. As I exit and cross the street, I notice this subtle glow around me and look over my shoulder. The sky is putting on quite the show.

I check my watch and realize I'm running late. No surprise, as that's the story of my life. I probably should be sprinting the last few blocks to the gallery. But a little voice inside my head (you hear them, too, don't you?) says I can spare 60 or so seconds to stop and shoot a fast one with my smartphone.

I waver back and forth before I give in to the voice and line up the shot. I'm done in closer to 45 seconds before I stuff the phone back in my pocket and double-time the rest of the way to meet two of my favourite people. Another moment created; another even richer moment about to happen.

Your turn: When's the last time you stopped what you were doing just to take a picture?

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Snaggle Tooth said...

My kind of walk sights there- amazing color.