Monday, March 06, 2017

Beet it

It came from the earth
London, ON
March 2017
Thematic. Purple. Here.
The scene: My wife and I have come to Farm Boy, a delightful new grocery store that's been opening locations all across Ontario in recent years. The food is fresh, the store looks like you could eat off the floor, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

As we finish filling our cart and slowly turn toward the checkout aisles at the front, I lament the fact that I haven't taken a picture yet. "I feel as if I'm missing something," I tell her as she smiles sympathetically and tells me to go find something to shoot.

She's amazing in so many ways, the photo thing merely being one of them. So off I go and find these crazy-textured beets. I'm gone for maybe three minutes before I rejoin my best friend and show her my pixel-based prize. Some moments really can be as simple as this.


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