Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dirty Apple, lost to time

Get a Mac
New York, NY
November 2009
This photo originally shared on Instagram
They don't make Macs like this anymore. The iconic Apple logo on the back of the screen of MacBook computers has been slowly devolving over the past few years. Once upon a time, the logo was backlit, with a friendly-white-LED glow that clearly stood out in the sea of Dells, Lenovos and HPs at the local Starbucks.

One model line at a time, however, Apple has been replacing the lit-up logo with a silvery-looking thing. It's still an Apple apple, but it's lost its light. As computers have gotten thinner, it's understandable that Apple would ultimately want to get rid of this seemingly superfluous gimmick. But it's one of those icons of design that I'll somewhat miss when it's gone.

I shot this years ago, at a pre-wedding dinner in a New York City restaurant. Members of the wedding party were giving their speeches, and one of them had brought a MacBook Pro to run the various slide shows. I trained my long lens on the lid from clear across the room and shot it. The depth of the image has always captivated me, and takes me right back to the moment I captured it.

If the same scene repeated itself today, with a so-called "modern" Mac, sans lit-up logo, I'd probably keep my camera in its bag. Design isn't what it used to be.

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