Monday, August 27, 2018

Thematic Photographic 422 - Lights On

Civic Nation, at rest
London, ON
August 2018
I've been staring at lights a lot lately. Like so many habits of mine, I'm not entirely certain why I do so, but the rapid shift in lighting technology - incandescents, halogens, and fluorescents are rapidly giving way to LEDs that are far more energy efficient, significantly more flexible, and way cooler-looking - is literally changing the way we see buildings, infrastructure, vehicles, and anything else that needs to be lit up. Maybe that's why.

Whatever the reason, I had one of these moments with my car a few weeks ago. As I drove home from dropping my lovely wife off at the train station on a quiet Saturday morning, I caught a glimpse of a cool building and thought I should shoot it. When I was done, I figured the car was as clean as it had been in ages, so more photos were called for. I have a thing for Hondas. The lights remind me of parentheses: Perfect for a writer-type like me.

Your turn: Thematic is all about taking a weekly theme - this week's is Lights On - and coming up with cool, creative ways to reflect it in your own photography. Take a light-themed photo and share it on your website, blog or social media account. Leave a comment here letting folks know where to find it. Visit other participants to spread the photographic joy. And don't be shy: If you know anyone who loves photography, drag 'em over here encourage them to participate. For more on how Thematic Photographic works, head here. Have fun, and thank you!


fredamans said...

Here is my take on the theme;

photodoug said...

Carmi, Brian Wilson and Mike Love would be proud. Thanks for sharing.

My take on the theme:

Mojo said...

When I saw that Thematic Photographic was up to Issue #422, I could barely believe my eyes. How tempus fidgets, yeah? First photo prompt I ever answered was TP #3 -- in June of 2008. So as a salute to your endurance, I had to come up with something for this one.

Bob Scotney said...

Holiday lights on at

21 Wits said...

Very nice car Carmi! (and so clean) Lights on is quite a fascinating theme, it leads in so many light-filled directions! Here's mine