Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The day begins reflectively

Painting the sky with light
London, ON
August 2018
This photo originally shared on Instagram
One London Place is the (for now, at least) the tallest tower in London. Torontonians probably laugh at the prospect of a 30-storey building being the tallest anything, but London's never had to align itself with anyone else's scale.

What matters to me isn't the number, anyway. It's the way this building endlessly captures and reflects the light around it. Whatever we're doing downtown, at any time, we always know to look toward this icon of the skyline, because it'll always be putting on some kind of show.

Which is why, as it silently did its thing on this quiet Saturday morning, I couldn't resist the urge to record the moment. This building will never get old for me.

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