Sunday, October 14, 2018

Teletubby takes over a hospital

Child's toy in a serious place
Montreal, QC
October 2018
Photo originally shared on Instagram
Linus had his security blanket. As a child, my wife had her thumb. Our sons had blankies. Our daughter had a bunny. I've got my favorite, a Teletubby. Namely, Po. She's been hanging off my camera bags for well over 20 years, a Happy Meal remnant our son quickly tired of and abandoned in the crushed-Cheerio-filled space between his car seat and the seat belt buckle.

Po has been a small source of comfort no matter where I've been or what I've been up to. She's more than a little tattered and faded these days, and because I'm terrified of losing her she is now safely tucked inside a side pocket. But there was no question I wanted her in my bag before we set off on our journey here.

And when she tumbled out onto the table as I set up to do some work in the middle of the hospital atrium, it was a given that photos needed to be taken. I'm pretty sure the moment made complete strangers smile. Another comforting mission accomplished in a place where smiles are often in short supply.

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