Sunday, August 04, 2019

Stark brick against a brilliant sky

Keep cool in the sun
London, ON
July 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
If you spend enough time following my feed, you might conclude I've got a thing for straight lines, blue skies, and architectural themes.

You'd be right.

Like so many things that bounce around inside my head, I can't explain the why. It satisfies this weird craving I have to record what goes on around us. It makes me happy to rearrange our disorderly world into some sense of order. It alternatively keeps me out of, and gets me into, trouble. It just is.

I snagged a lot of brick-and-air-conditioning-unit scenes on my last walkabout down and around Adelaide Street, but it's easy to understand why. That's the visual that defines this place. This is not a neighborhood of big houses, quiet, gilded streets, and fancy cars. It is one of run-down apartment blocks hard up against four or five lanes of high-speed traffic.

The brickwork is old, faded, and sometimes crumbling. The chairs out front are cracked resin. The grass is more scrub and dirt than lush green. Kids won't play here.

Yet there's a sense of place and substance that you won't find in a terrace surrounded by McMansions. I'd rather explore here than there, and that alone should explain why areas like this matter more to our fabric than we might have otherwise thought.

Beauty, after all, takes on many forms.

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