Monday, December 30, 2019

Light vs. hatred

Always look to the light
Delray Beach, FL
December 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
After a week of terrifying, escalating acts of anti-Semitism, where Jews celebrating Chanukah were attacked with a machete in their rabbi's home, it seems appropriate to share this photo.

Light banishes the darkness of hatred - toward Jews, toward visible minorities, toward all minorities, toward anyone defined as different, or other - that now seems to be spreading like a cancer across the globe. And into our very neighborhoods and homes.

Light sends the message that we will not stop being who we are or stop showing who we are simply because someone - or, let's be frank, many someones - decided to target us.

Light reaffirms that we will not live in fear. Not now. Not ever.

Light counters the insidious lies - from everyday racists and xenohobes and elected officials alike - now being used as foundation, cover, justification for whatever dark forces are at play here.

Light makes it clear that this isn't 1930s Germany - despite the fact that this is what it must have felt like then - and this time, we won't be led like sheep to the slaughter.

Light is the force of good in the face of overwhelming evil.

Light is the signal that evil cannot ever be allowed to win.

Light is the siren call to anyone on the wrong side of hate that silence isn't an option.

Light echoes the heroism of those who have had the courage to fight hatred with everything they've had - and those who have yet to join a battle that never seems to end.

So I won't be silent. And no matter where we all might fall on the spectrum of hate - victim, witness, whatever - neither should we all.

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