Friday, December 20, 2019

Where writers go to find inspiration

Inspiring glass, just steps away
London, ON
December 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
The scene: The office, where I spend my workdays writing things for tech folks and absorbing brilliance from my colleagues. Spend enough time staring at a screen* and eventually you need to look at distant objects.

So I've started taking the occasional walk through the historic building, allowing my eyes to graze the details and find something that inspires me for the next round of literary magic back at my desk. It's good for my baby blues, of course, but also my mind and, according to the step counter in my smartwatch, my health.

It's a gorgeous building, with moments of visual wonder lurking around pretty much every corner. Exposed brickwork. Wooden rafters. Historically preserved windows. Even the doors tell rich stories of a now-vanished chapter in this city's history. Words often fail me when I'm asked to describe where I work. You'll just have to come for a tour.

So all of this explains how within the space of a 5-minute stroll upstairs, my eyes found the glasses stored artfully in the kitchen upstairs. I seem to work best when I allow a scene to sink in quickly. When I don't give any more thought to the moment than it really needs. When I open my mind a little and just take it in. When I get to take that inspiration back with me, and kill it at the keyboard for the rest of the day.

I guess we all have our own productivity strategies. Feel free to borrow mine, if you wish.

* I lied. It's 3 screens. I have a slight problem with technology overkill.

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Tabor said...

Retired, but still spend time at screens working on photographs and digtal painting.