Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mom: A Definition

Her growing brood
Laval, QC
June 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
I've had many privileges in my life, none richer than watching my wife be a mom.

From the moment we knew we were expecting our first, her life has been focused on being the kind of parent any child would wish for.

I'll run out of online storage before I run out of ways to describe the kind of mother she is. For each of our kids - Zach, Dahlia, Noah - she is the epicentre of their world, an always-there force no matter where they are, what they're up to, and what challenges they may be facing.

And it doesn't end when they grow up and start laying down their own roots, as Michaela discovered when she married Zach last year. Mother isn't a mere title for her: It's who she is, and it makes her kids, and everyone who knows her, better people.

Hallmark says today is Mother's Day, but she deserves to be celebrated every other day, too. It's the least we can do for all she does for us.

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