Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Escaping to an overgrown landscape

Waiting for the snow to fall
London, ON
November 2020
This photo originally shared on Instagram

I’m spending more time with my camera these days, deliberately picking it up and going for photowalks. On one level, I’m simply taking pictures, but on another, I’m escaping.

Since we live near woods and trails, much of my recent work features nature and landscapes. I’ll probably venture elsewhere when I’m less afraid of crossing the path of people who don’t understand the basics of physical distancing. But for now, a quiet suburban trail with no one around is a reasonable spot to go and think and shoot. Today’s shot was taken in an industrial park, further proof that you can find inspiration anywhere.

I never have an agenda or plan. I scan around me and look for things that draw my interest. I think through how I’d like to capture the scene, the story I’d like to tell. I play with settings, light, composition.

I immerse myself in something, for a few fleeting moments, that isn’t a blaring headline, or a burning deadline, or yet another example of humanity’s potential for unkindness. Sometimes I even talk myself through the process. When everything is reduced to a simple view through glass, it’s a lot easier to find focus.

Eventually I run out of time. Or get cold. Or hungry. Or my phone beeps. And the real world calls me back. But there’s always another trail to walk. Another sliver of time on the schedule. Another memory card to fill. Another opportunity to unplug for a bit and do little more than find things that look pretty.

I hope today’s image is a pretty one. I hope tomorrow I’ll be able to head out to capture some more. Because I can’t imagine not having creativity to lean on when the weight of the universe seems upon us.

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Rob Clegg said...

Hi! I wrote you a message about possible collaboration, did you get it?

carmilevy said...

@Rob Clegg: Um, no.