Saturday, February 25, 2023

Not-so-newlyweds. Still holding hands.

Together forever
Deerfield Beach, FL
February 2023
This photo originally shared on Instagram

A few years back, I was walking this very same beachside sidewalk when I came across a newlywed couple.

They kindly consented to a fast picture before the tuxedoed groom and magazine-worthy bride disappeared around the corner. To this day I still think of them, and hope this moment was just the foundation of a happy life for them.

The resulting photo has become not only one of my favourite images, but also a warmly remembered photographic moment, and a reminder to me of why I so enjoy street photography.

So imagine my pleasant surprise when I noticed another lovely couple strolling along the sand-flecked pavers. It was the hand-holding that grabbed my attention. Such a simple thing on one level, and such a profound gesture on another.

These two are clearly on the opposite end of the relationship spectrum, and the tux and wedding dress are probably stored in dusty boxes in their attic. Yet the poignancy of their intertwined hands is no less profound.

Because we all deserve to find someone who will hold our hand.

At any age.




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