Thursday, February 16, 2023

One London Place greets the day

Reflecting the morning sky
London, ON
January 2018
This photo originally shared on Instagram

My brain often thinks about trivial things, like the weird realities of mirrored glass.

It has no stories of its own to tell. Instead, it reflects the stories of whatever and whoever is around it.

Precisely how it looks or what we see in it is entirely dependent on where we happen to be standing, what time of day it is, and what may or may not be floating nearby.

It has no control over any of this. Its fate depends on the random actions of everything around it.

Its appearance can be brilliantly spectacular, boring to the point of invisibility, or anything in between. It can tell a wide spectrum of stories, some of which will hold our rapt attention, and others which will never be heard.

During the day, outsiders can’t see in, but insiders can see out. Turn the lights on at night and all bets are off.

I could probably stand on the sidewalk and stare at these straight-cut staples of modern architecture all day - and night - but eventually I’ve got to move along and get on with my day.

I can always come back at another time, on another day, and this otherwise featureless surface will have another story to tell. I’m sure the silent neighbors around it won’t let it down.

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