Saturday, February 25, 2006

Comments all over the map

I've posted a few links to some of the coverage I received in the flurry of activity that followed the BlackBerry announcement (not sure what's going on? Click here for yesterday's big news.)

Our original press release: RIM injunction outcome will resonate throughout the economy, says Info-Tech Research Group. Posted on Yahoo! Finance and PR Newswire.

Some of the fallout from that release:
Radio interview with Jim Richards
CFRB 1010 Toronto

Television interview with Pat Bolland
Report on Business Television (ROBTv)

Judge delays BlackBerry Decision
National Public Radio. Report by Lisa Napoli

Rim decision prudent: lawyer
The Globe and Mail. Byline: Roma Luciw

Le Blackberry de RIM obtient un sursis à son existence aux Etats-Unis
Agence France-Presse.

World's top PDA maker averts shutdown
ABC News (via AFP). Cross-posted to CIO Today, Yahoo! Finance/UK, Yahoo! News Australia,
Alternate headline: Judge Grants Reprieve to BlackBerry Maker

RIM, NTP and Patent Madness
eWEEK. Cross-posted to SmartCompany. Byline: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Analysis: RIM can now literally settle for less with NTP
Tom's Hardware. Byline: Scott Fulton

BlackBerries Stay Connected; Judge Will Issue Injunction Decision 'Soon'
TechNewsWorld. Byline: Keith Regan

BlackBerry users breathe sigh of relief
Sarasota (FL) Herald Tribune. Byline: Michael Pollick

Millions have stake in BlackBerry case
DelawareOnline/The News Journal.

RIM Wins Reprieve
Unstrung. Byline: Richard Martin

Patent dispute fails to dampen BlackBerry sales
Metro/Torstar News Service


Stephanie Davies said...

Wow, I'm not sure what the whole to-do is really, I don't keep up with the news very much, and I don't use Blackberry (or even really know what it is) - and no, before you ask, I don't live under a rock, REALLY! LOL- but sounds like you are getting tons of attention out of this *grin*

Mind plugging Mystickal Incense? haha j/k lol Keep up the great work! And here from Micheles!

vanx said...

I'm back because Michelle sent me this time.

I do, though, stop by from time to time on my own. Maybe you've noticed? I did a little thing on Thursday about the rough a rough and tumble day at the Pharma desk at my magazine. Stop by!

Congrats again on the talking of your head yesterday!~,:^)

srp said...

I have never sent an e-mail with a Blackberry, but I've had blackberry pie and preserves.
When you become a famous journalist with your own syndicated TV show will you still visit us, the little peons on the web? That sounds similar to an old Beatles song.
Here from Michele.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i don't have a blackberry, so it's not going to affect me, but i have been following what's been going on in the toronto star. it will be interesting to see what is finally going to happen with this, it could potentially be a huge problem for many.

Beanhead said...

I don't use a blackberry so I have not kept up with all the reports but it sure seems to be causing a big stink.

panthergirl said...

How very cool, Carmi!!

I love my Crackberry, so I'm relieved to hear that it won't be deemed useless any time soon.

Congrats on the publicity!

Here via michele today...

Shelli said...

WOW! That is really cool!

Lisa said...

You're just popular all over the place this week!! Have you seen this yet?

Kimmy said...

Don't have a Blackberry, but it is very interesting to me.
You must be the guy who knows things, huh? :P
Here from Michele... she told me to tell you hello.
Off to bed!

Last Girl On Earth said...

This is terrific for you Carmi. I hope your career continues to do well. Proud to "virtually" know you!

Bubblehead said...

Good for you, Carmi. Good to see the nice guys getting ahead.

ribbiticus said...

again, my congratulations on your new-found celebrity status! you so deserve it!

don't use the blackberry myslef but so many people do in the office. am pretty sure they'll be lost without it so it'll be interesting to see how this issue gets resolved in the end. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!! I'm impressed Carmi..I mean you are sooooo khowledgable...I watched the TV IInterview...And among other things, you are such a very Good Looking Man!!! (LOL) I honestly didn't understand much of what you were talking about because I'm so NOT Savvy...I'm not even sure what the BlackBerry is!! (I know...that is pitiful, isn't t?) are fantastic!!! Like I said...soooo very knowledeable....!!! Fabulous, Carmi, just Fabulous!

And I'm here today from Michele, but you know I am here all the time, and happily so...

Electric Short said...

I guess you just cant steal other peoples tech ideas without paying the price...

PresentStorm said...

I am lost
So in order to not embarass myself I will just say Howdy :)

here from Michele's...