Sunday, March 18, 2007

Caption This 10

No caption...that's your job [see below for details]
London, Ontario, March 2007 [Click for extreme closeup]

This is a picture of challah, the traditional Jewish egg bread that we eat on Friday night to welcome in the Sabbath. It's also a holiday staple and, beyond the religious significance of it, it's my favorite bread of all time. Straight up or toasted, there's nothing at all like a fresh slice.

I took this image yesterday morning. The light coming through the kitchen window invited me to take the camera out. My wife and daughter looked on with the knowing stares of folks who've seen it all before. Our dog, however, didn't quite know what to make of the spectacle. As he had only been with us for three days, this was his first exposure to my crazy obsession with food-based macrophotography. Wait until he sees the fruitography thing. Poor puppy.

Anyway, here's the deal with Caption This:
Speaking of which, the winner is the brilliant and brilliantly creative Roxanne, aka SRP. Her blog, Melange, is an eclectic mix of life's observations and superb photography. Her work inspires, and if you haven't visited her, you're missing a treat. Somewhat differently this week, the winning entry is not a line, but an entire poem. Here's her work, entitled Ode to the Discarded Mattress:
Your roses have faded,
You're tattered and torn.
Your springs have all sprung.
Now you're weary and worn.

There's no firm in your fill.
There's no posh in your pad.
Though it pains me to say this,
I think you've been had.

Your turn: In a comment, please submit your suggestion for a caption for the challah picture above. I'll select the best of the bunch and announce it next week. Fame and pseudo-fortune could be yours, all for the investment of 15 seconds of thought for a catchy phrase. Enjoy!


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful, Beautiful.
That's what I think of this picture and this bread and, THAT'S my name for it! Yum Yum! I miss my Grandma's Challah and My Mother's, too....

craziequeen said...

[can't speak - drooling too much]


I've just met Frasier over at MorahMommy. What a handsome doggie :-)

And what a sweet ol' daddy you are, Carmi Levy. I just read about Noah's bad night.

Here's to Mr and Mrs Levy, Zach, Dahlia and Noah, and new arrival Frasier - no family is complete without a pet.


btw - I've been reading a lot of MorahMommy - I think I'll add her to my blogroll.


Anna said...

That looks scrumptious! This is what came to mind as soon as I saw your image Carmi...

Taste and see that the Lord is good...
Psalm 34:8

Obviously, it isn't my caption but it fits all the same!
Have a blessed Sunday! :)

golfwidow said...

Challah back.

Linda said...

Talk about a seedy location!

Now I'm wanting some challah...and I'm not even Jewish!

Jennifer said...

Slow down. Enjoy life one slice at a time

Em said...

My caption for this one Carmi...

Sun-toasted Goodness

Bobkat said...

I've never had Challah but it looks scrumoptious!

I can't think of a witty caption I'm afraid as my mouth is watering too much. all I cna come up with is "Soul Bread".

Bobkat said...

Oops - Michele sent me to make that half-baked comment byt he way! Pun intended. Sorry!

Shammickite said...

Breakfast Chez Carmi.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Challah-lujah, that's good bread!

Ok, it's a pun. sorry. I agree with Amy's entry.

Anonymous said...

I'd give my last dollah for a warm piece of challah!

I'm so braindead right now. All I can think of is Ina Garten's baked french toast recipe (which calls for challah).

kenju said...

I came too late; my entry (or what it would've been) is used. I love challah-lujah!

Michele sent me today. I sure wish I had a loaf of that!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

A perfectly beautiful challah, desecrated by the presence of sesame seeds. The shame, the shame!

Carolyn said...

I'm not on your blogroll but I hope I can play?

My first thought was "Leaven from Heaven"

My second thought was "Wish I had a piece!" ;D

rashbre said...

One could say "Love tastes sweet, but only with bread", but I'm just admiring the challah. Have a great day.

craziequeen said...

'Tasty, browned to perfection - it's challah-licious!!'

I see Frasier is settling in well... :-)

Here from Michele, my friend.

Vid Digger said...

Must resist! Can't stay away! Need to eat!

Vid Digger said...


Um Carmi... Michele sent me!


David Edward said...

challa lujah!

Andi said...

I have no idea what to caption it but it looks yummy.

srp said...

I am so happy that you enjoyed my little poem... I think babette is rubbing off on me.

I'm all out of rhymes today. This bread is so fabulous, I can almost smell it.

I would have to title this:
Bread from Heaven

Although I would really vote for Anna's Psalm 34:8. This picture begs for a deep and meaningful caption. You didn't say if this fabulous bread was made by your lovely wife or not... if it was, she deserves a standing ovation. This is beautiful.

Michael K. Althouse said...

The tension builds as the sesame seed gang gathers on the challah turf.

Sara said...

"My favourite part of the week"

Tracy said...

Not by Bread Alone.

It looks good!

Anonymous said...

I would call it "The Sustenance of Life"

You out to start a Meme with this thing Carmi...what an awesome idea - sort of like that site (oh and I can't recall where it is) that blogs about a photo a day...I've been seriously thinking of adding that to my posts as I love photography.

Your images are quite fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Carmi - Thanks for swinging by my blog and your words. (((Cyber hugs))))

awareness said...

From the earth, shared with love.

Carola said...

"Vertical Challah by the shadow of the Horizontal Verticals"

The inspiration on the notion:

"The Vertical" being the slices, representing the stages and events that our lives go through - uneven, smooth, high and low.
"The Challah" being the bread.
A source of life that replenishes our body. Both biblically and physically, this is something we need to partake in everyday (or every couple of days).
" the shadow of..."
shadows follow light, and you could even say it hides from it. This for me is showing darkness and light, represents the good and bad times our lives go through, the struggles we have and the joys we experience. Those moments in life that make us the people we are today.
"the Horizontal Verticals"
Really, this is just the indication that our lives are intertwining by the comings and goings on in life. We can make our own way there by every dicision we make - to where, maybe we dont know, and is it the right direction, maybe not, but its the journey on the way that creates our story and makes us interact with people: We all have our own story - and we can share them!

Okay, essay over... good luck!