Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Henrietta gets wet

Glass, steel and water
London, ON, March 2010

I had every intention of launching our new Thematic Photographic theme tonight at 7. But a cantankerous battery in my wife's van had other plans. The Noah's Ark-class rain that's been rolling through the region all day didn't help, either. I probably could have orchestrated all this from the rain-soaked parking lot - as I watched the gentleman from CAA (auto club) give us a boost - by pulling out my BlackBerry and letting my thumbs do the blogging. But I didn't think the good folks at Telus would much appreciate me returning a smartphone that had been slow-drenched because its owner Just Had To Blog.

So you get Henrietta instead. Henrietta is my car. She looks like a '49 Suburban but is actually a Chevy HHR (long here for more.) The reason that I've chosen to share this picture with you tonight - aside from the fact that I simply ran out of time to build a truly thoughtful Thematic launch entry, so that'll wait till 7 p.m. tomorrow/Thursday - is that on this dark and damp day, Henrietta allowed me find my wife and kids in that parking lot and bring them safely home.

I'll always feel just a little bit uncomfortable taking the car instead of, say, spinning along on my bike, but when a car lets me be there for my family, it's a good thing indeed.

Strange how a car can remind me of the things that matter most.

Your turn: Being there for your family. What does that look like to you?


Cloudia said...

I'd post a picture of my husband, the only family I've ever been able to count on!

Aloha from Waikiki, CousinCarmi

Comfort Spiral

Glennis said...

Being there for your family. Hmmm....I'm trying to think what that might look like in a photo. worth going through albums!

And like Cloudia, the first thing I thought of was my husband!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Every year for Mother's Day my family plants a flower garden in front of our front porch. They have done this for years and every time I go outside or come home I am greeted by this wonderful colorful garden. It always makes me smile as it is a constant reminder of those I love and who love me. Most of my flower pictures come from that garden. to see it go to my blog
and than to the Mother's Day post.
I have another suggestion for a theme how about photos of Main Street of your Hometown. I'm sure this would bring in lots of variety as each town or city has it's own flavor and maybe it will help us who dream of faraway lands to photograph sometime in the future; see the beauty that surrounds us in the here and now.
Johnina :^A