Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thematic Photographic 101 - Night Light

A fascinating read
Toronto, ON, December 2009

Light takes on a whole new set of qualities at night. While most folks simply turn on their electronic flashes and go to town, I prefer the natural look. I like to lurk in the shadows and shoot quietly. I realize that makes me sound like a bit of a stalker. So be it.

There's a neat quality to artificial light that spills oasis-like into the night. It reminds me of the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and keeps me heading out after dark time and again. Over the coming week, I hope it inspires you, too. Our new Thematic Photographic theme is a simple one: Shoot lit-up scenes at night. That's it...the rest is up to you.

Your turn: Please share a night light-themed photo on your blog, then paste the link to the entry in a comment here. Then, as the shampoo bottle says, repeat. Thematic Photographic instructions, such as they are, may be found here.


fredamans said...

Fantastic photo! It still looks warm and inviting with those hues, not lonely as one soul may suggest!

Here is my interpretation:

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Excellent new theme although I think I have posted my nightlight photos already. I'll have to think about this one but I agree with you, there is a wonderful quality to night photos taken without flash and yours is an terrific example. I just finished up with the cloud theme. I posted 5 blogs using clouds as my theme so if you want to go back for a look see my blog address is

carmilevy said...

Glad you mentioned this: One of the goals of Thematic is to either get out and shoot new photos, or go back and share ones that have already been posted. Either way works, because we don't always have time in the middle of the week to get out with our cameras.

I'm looking forward to exploring your archives, and am so glad you - and everyone who visits here - always share your great work so willingly! Thank you so much!

Catherine said...

Here's a contribution from me.
This is a perfect topic for this time of the year in New Zealand, because it's always night when I'm out and about during the week (although I have pulled a photo from my files, it was taken about the same time of year)

Tony Gasbarro said...

It's a little odd... almost creepy ...that I was shooting night photos a month and a half ago with half a mind to post them in my blog as a study of the overnight life, and then here you are wit cher bad self!

See night shots here.

I especially like your mural shot. I don't know what it looks like in daylight, but night appears to give it a visual depth beyond what I imagine the artist(s) ever hoped for!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful photograph Carmi!
Perhaps one of my most favorite since watching these themes. It so much defines the word "solitude" (or perhaps "tranquility")
I cannot help but wonder what what she was reading.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

following along, just having problems with capturing images right now

esp outside at night :(

Glennis said...

Oh, I'm happy to be back at Thematic!! I will find some night light photos!!

- g (also Aunt Snow)