Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little balls

It's not Parkay
London, ON, Jun 2010

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As I look back at more than a few years of photography, I realize I seem to gravitate toward transient locales, where lots of people pass through for a relatively brief period but rarely actually stay for any appreciable length of time. The airports, hotels, beaches and roadways of my photographic life seem to have become adult playgrounds, the kinds of places where I can be myself without worrying too much about what anyone else thinks.

Sure, I get more than my fair share of furrowed eyebrows. After all, a grown man hunched over the butter ball bowl at the hotel breakfast buffet table will always stand out from the crowd. But that's part of the experience for me. As much as I want to bring home a picture worth sharing, I also relish the opportunity to plant seeds of uniqueness in the minds of absolute strangers.

If my little acts of public herd-breaking make even one person think twice about the difference between survival and living, then it's all worth it.

Your turn: A time when you reached out to a stranger. Please discuss.

One more thing:
As much fun as we've had playing with shapes, the week is drawing to a close. As such, this will be our last geometric-themed entry (click here if you still have some shapes you're itching to share.) New theme launches tonight (Wednesday) at 7:00 Eastern.

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theMuddledMarketPlace said...

cheating slightly as this incident was someone else...reaching out to a bus full of weary people

but i think it's what you mean....