Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome, travellers

Lit-up trusses
London, ON, March 2009

A few years back, the powers-that-be in the burg we now call home decided our 70s-era leaking box of an excuse for a train station just didn't cut it anymore. So they scheduled an implosion and an accompanying block party to herald another major upgrade to the downtown landscape.

The new station (link, another link) turned out to be a perfectly scaled delight, a pleasant and efficient gateway to the city, and a far more comfortable place to transit than, say, an airport. To this day, every time I pass through it, I try to ensure I have a camera because I want to remember what it feels like to be here.

On this trip through, I was on my way home after a long, productive day in Toronto. After a quiet two hours rolling through the southern Ontario countryside, I strolled into the station and looked up. Although I knew this place so well, the ceiling seemed different this time. Indeed, some thoughtful soul saw fit to turn basic reflected lighting into a subtle show of color.


Your turn: Why the small surprises seem to matter most. Please discuss.

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mark said...

I got a cool surprise recently that's related to this post. I found a new channel in our lineup and on it was a short film called "Annie and Boo." It is set entirely inside a train depot, with the high ceilings and shafts of light, etc. that make them so fascinating.