Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crack the sky

I'm still sifting through the images from my trip to Dallas. I captured this one on the last leg of my flight home, just a few minutes after I grabbed this image.

They say that photography is about being in the right place at the right time. Although I believe this to a certain extent, I also wonder about higher forces that put the photographer there in the first place. I look at this image, for instance, and wonder if fate had anything to do with it.

After all, pictures taken through plane windows are usually lousy thanks to the scratched plastic-enhanced optics and the bouncy nature of flight. Yet this one managed to come out fine. Lucky, I guess.

I get to witness some pretty neat things through my lens. May this always be so.

Your turn: What three words first come to mind when you see this image?

One more thing: The title is a musical reference. Can you place it?


Linda said...

My words: God's Amazing Wonder.

'nuff said.

Crack the Sky - they're a band, right?

Anonymous said...

Beyond lies Heaven.

Jennifer said...

Heaven and Hell
Crack the sky.. nope can't place it.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my best friend's death, his funeral. I sat and listened and tapped my feet as the two people before me spoke, as special music played on a boom box, as people rose and fell to speak small memories, recite small poems they brought. The salt air barely moved, and every once in a while a lone woman or a young family would wander by our gathering, give us a silent look.

Anonymous said...

Paint the sky? by Jimmmy Buffet?

Plumkrazzee said...

Heavens have parted. It's beautiful.

mattviews said...

Light and darkness.

Crack the Sky is a band from the 70s?

Anonymous said...

Silver lining

I don't know about a band by that name, but I think that's part of a line in a cat stevens song.

carmilevy said...

"Crack the Sky" is a song from Red Rider's album, Neruda. The work was a tribute to the great poet, Pablo Neruda. The tune is subtitled, "Breakaway".

Tom Cochrane, who founded the band, was originally a journalist who followed his musical dreams to become an icon of Canadian rock music. His music has long been noted for its intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics.

He has been an inspirational artist to me as I've worked to carve out my own writer's voice in a country that is known for eating its literary young. I thought this image captured the essence of the song rather nicely.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo and Canadian music tidbit.

Sarie said...

Peace, beauty, calm

It also gave me chills.

Another gorgeous photo, Carmi.

Prego said...

Ooooh. Red Rider reference. You can take the boy out of Canada...

And you're right about the literary young being eaten in your country. I'd be hard pressed to name a celebrated poet from your neck of the woods besides Leonard Cohen and Marge Atwood.