Monday, April 17, 2006


I left the car in the driveway this morning for the walk to my parents' house. I had a bunch of things to finish off, and the wireless cloud and blessed child-free silence at their condo was too much to resist. The weather was just this side of cool, and I thought the clear air would do wonders for my mood.

Along the way, I crossed a couple of bridges and had to stop to admire the view. As a child, I would often ride my bike through this part of town, pedalling too quickly to appreciate the vista. As an adult, I'm usually driving our kids through here as we shuttle between parents and in-laws. I never seem to stop and stare. This morning, I did.

The river is running a bit high these days thanks to the spring runoff. It's nowhere near the flood levels that other parts of the province are experiencing, but it makes for interesting perspectives: like trees completely surrounded by water. Come back in a few days and it'll likely look completely different. Think of it as mother nature's ever-changing mind.

My wife's first thought when she saw this picture was that the trees are guarding the water. Wise woman, she.

Your turn: On your next walk, what scene will stop you in your tracks? Why?


Nic said...

Your wife is extremely wise. They look like sentinels, keeping watch, making sure that nothing untoward happens on their watch.

I don't walk usually. The only places around here really to take a 4 year old walking are school athletic tracks. The walk by the lake is too dangerous b/c there are a lot of rude people on bikes and the parks are always so crowded. We just picnic and play in our back yard.

I don't know if you do meme's but on the off chance that you do, you've been tagged by me about the simple pleasures in life.

I have to say I went to my first Passover Seder last Thursday and just loved it. I'm trying to learn more about the Jewish portion of my Christian heritage and pass it on to Emily now that she is old enough to start understanding.

Unknown said...

I just got back from a walk up our neighbor's street, and was stopped dead in my tracks by their garden. It was too dim outside to snap a photo but you can bet I will as soon as the sun comes out. This is a real stunner of a garden.

Sandy said...

Nature always gets me - animals, water, flowers, unique co-existance of different forms of life.

What can I say, I'm easy to distract.

Linda said...

Eis Cafe Lido - a little Italian ice cream shop. It stops me and calls to me to try their eis delicacies. They have an outdoor seating area, and even when it's chilly out, people are sitting around eating ice cream! They have beautiful flowers planted all around. Not just the cafe, but the entire area - it's called Gartenstadt - The garden city - and it lives up to its name!

Anonymous said...

I am an avid walker! It is my meditation! It is my time to myself. My time to work out things that trouble me or happily reflect on the good things in my life!

This past weekend I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the SF bay without a single boat on it!! It was windy and stormy. I was walking across the bridge and was just struck by how alone I was. There were only a few hearty joggers, very few cars, and not a single boat or ship on the water. It was quite an amazing feeling. Quite an amazing sight to behold!

Janet said...

The trees are guarding the water.

What a beautiful sentiment.

Kara said...

for me it's always the ocean. We went to the park near the ocean yesterday and the view is always enough to take my breath away. I think it's because for me, the ocean always offers up possibilities. Other places, other lives, and it tends to put things in perspective for me.

Anonymous said...

Just wondered if you remember posting on Kevin Ray Underwood's blog several years ago October 2004? Seemed you were the only person to offer him some help. Shame others around him were not so forthcoming with the help he so obviously wanted. It's an awful tragedy that may have been avoided. Poor girl.

Anonymous said...

i never thought of that but it does look like that. lately i always stop and look at the river that goes through our neighborhood, nine times out of ten, there are ducks in it, something so simple but beautiful to watch.

Anonymous said...

Trees in my neighborhood are very grounding. On Tuesday's I host a meeting in Westmount at a very old hallowed church which has trees that must be at least 50+ years old. They are sentinels on tha block.

I love to climb the mountain and walk through the trees and listen to them. A luch green haven amid all the concrete.

From our windows we can see treetops for miles and they are great seasonal "time keepers" as well.

One day when you next visit our city we must have coffee...


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me back again, I'm happy to say, Carmi--so I'm catching up on some posts that I have missed! I love this photograph. It really sets a mood. And your wife is so right about the trees...also, you can 'feel' the cool you spoke of just from the look of this wonderful picture!
You are such an artist in every way--writing, photography and as a father and a husband, too!