Monday, April 10, 2006

Quote - on journeys

Every once in an overly long while, I post a quotation that inspires me. I hope this one inspires you as well. I chose this one because lately I've been embarking on more journeys far from home.

One thing I've noticed about travelling alone is that you can spend hours without uttering a single sound. I often find myself reflecting on the bigger picture during those very long periods of self-imposed silence. My mind often drifts the thousands of miles back home, trying - unsuccessfully - to bridge the gap and stay close to those who truly matter.

I often wonder if it's worth it.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes."

Marcel Proust

Your turn: How do you view the world differently when you're far from the place you call home? Does being away from all that matters prompt a redefinition of the term "home"? What is "home" to you, anyway?


Carl V. Anderson said...

Great quote. It sort of fits in with a leadership training I went to the other day about changing your patterns. One of the things suggested, which I already do actually, is to take different ways to and from work on occasion, just to change the scenery and vary your routine. I like to take these opportunities to just look at the countryside and relax.

We're going on our first day trip of the year this weekend. Not sure where yet, just getting out to explore. I'm really looking forward to it and will now be thinking about Proust as I go!

kenju said...

Home is where my family resides; and it can be someplace we used to live - or the place we are now. When I am away, I compare the place I am to the place I live and weigh the advantages of each. Home always wins out!

kenju said...

Home is where my family resides; and it can be someplace we used to live - or the place we are now. When I am away, I compare the place I am to the place I live and weigh the advantages of each. Home always wins out!

Anonymous said...

Not Me! I luv 2 travel, I miss everyone, but not that much!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the quote!

Home for me is more about the people than the place. There are some people that I just feel at home with, I feel safe and confident. When I'm out of those situations I often imagine myself with one of those people, it certainly helps me stay confident even when I may not feel like it!

keda said...

i'm never quite sure where home is anymore. and despite finding the act of actualy travelling very tiring and often hard (either alone with 2 kids and WAY too many bags, or alone and feeling guilty with way too many bags!) i do have a fairly positive outlook on it as i am always overprepared. books, food, playdough, pencils, paper, camera, glue, pipe cleaners, feathers and a book or 2 usually keep me/us busy enough to forget about home. being away from home is always a welcome treat. home is where my stuff is, or where my family are, or wherever we are having fun, or maybe its where we can ger REALLY comfortable and eat what you like?
we spent a month in england at christmas and only yashi missed 'home' during the last week. when we were camping last week and asked if they had fun she said "the cats and baba and sarah (our helper) can live in istanbul because they like it there, but we like it here so we can live in our tent because we like it here" good attitude i think.
nice post again. you always get me thinking babe*

Anonymous said...

Home is where I rest my head in the arms of the one who loves me and God resides.

This quote runs along the lines of the journey. The landscape may remain the same, the key is how we view that landscape during the journey and if we notice the subtle changes in that landscape. Vision changes as wisdom grows within us.

That is the mystery of life, if our vision does not change, then how will we see the multitude of colors that the world presents us with?


jennypenny said...

I know it is sooo cliche but home is where the heart is. When I was dating someone who lived on the other side of the country I always felt at home while I was there just a week at a time because thats where my heart was. I have many "homes" my physical home, my childhood home, my work (i know that sounds weird but I have been at the same job for 13 years and it is more of a way of life than a job) and wherever else my heart leads me.

Chrixean said...

Home is definitely where my family is here on earth. Of course, my real home is in heaven where I hope to someday live in with my Heavenly Father. God bless! :-)

Christopher Willard said...

Fascinating from a writer's viewpoint, is how many writers travel but can only write about the place after they return, as though the new area must seep into their unconscioius.

Sandy said...

Home is a place in my heart where my family resides. It's nifty that way - I can always take home with me. It's just that sometimes, when my arms are empty because we're apart, home is a little too quiet and empty.

Lifelong Learner said...

At times, home has literally been where we hung our hat. At one point, I asked my four children where they felt the most at home. Until then, we were traveling at least once a month, and had moved three times in one year. Their response? A hotel. I was horrified, until I realized that it was the one constant at that time. TV, beds, bathroom...all in the same place. They knew what it would look like, and it was something they could count on.
After that experience, we have found that home is wherever we are. No matter the place. We define home for us. It's nice.