Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blue chill

When I go to friends' houses, I tote my camera along. If they're so-so friends, I might take a few standard pictures of people and places. When they're really good friends, however, I take pictures of the oddest things imaginable.

See, really good friends know me, and accept that I was struck by lightning as a child and rendered unable to keep my finger off the shutter. They laugh along with (and sometimes even good-naturedly at) me as I compose scenes in their homes that cause them to furrow their brow. We share in the experience, as friends do.

So now you know that we spent a lovely day with great friends yesterday. I'll share the photographic results in the days to come. This should get your thirst going.

Your turn: Does this make you thirsty? Do you find that being around the important people in your life fires your creative soul?


Anonymous said...

It's great to see you again, Carmi! I'm moseying on over from Michele's this evening. Love the photo! Totally cool. And it DOES make me thirsty, come to think of it!

Hmmmm, I'm not sure that those important to me stir my creative soul any more than being alone or, say, out in nature does - but they are quite inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to hang with the neighbors again tonight ;)

Yes, i am always more creative when the ones i love are around me.

kenju said...

Michele sent me too, Carmi. I was already thirsty before I clicked over here....LOL. I don't know what that blue stuff is in the photo.

Thanks you for your kind comments on the post from last week. I appreciate your sentiments. I usually post stuff that people send me in email, and that was one of those. Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Yes - it makes me thirsty! Great photo!

My travel buddies know that I am prone to taking odd pics just about anywhere. But my camera has a spring that's not working properly at the moment, so I've missed some recent opportunities. I'm hoping to get a new one soon b/c there are definitely some new things come up to photograph.

Pickalish said...

Looks like mouthwash. Sorry, but I quit drinking that stuff years ago. =)

asianboy said...

thats a nice angle

David Edward said...

important people - fire
sounds like a really good camping trip
( i should take soon)
I am struggling with a bit of writing, but writing much more.
Yes I think I am inspired by my new relationship.
Michele said I could be the last comment this weekend, so I am

Anonymous said...

hmmm. Milkshake in a bottle? Looks like a sink and a pot in the background. I've been very "thirsty" lately.

I think that being around the important people in my life is crucial to survival. I know some very great men and women who fire my soul when we spend time together. My academic friends encourage me to study and participate in life.

My personal friends encourage me personally and spiritually, and when they are in mixed company even miracles are possible. It is important to me to have "people" in my life, because without them, how do we grow as people ourselves?

You always give us something to think about with your photography. So where's the CAKE???


Anonymous said...

i like the way you've worded that question. and yes, it does.

Anonymous said...

What on earth IS that blue stuff? Not sure it makes me thirsty, but I love the photo set-up.
And yes, I love being surrounded by creative people. It fuels my energy.

Linda said...

I am truly thirsty - what IS that stuff???

Since the most important people in my life are family, I have to say that they DO fire my creative soul. To see the blissful grin on my son's face when he's accomplished something for the first time. To see the absolute joy on my daughter's face as she boarded the school bus for the first time...well, I NEED my camera to capture those things.

I've missed visiting! Now that I'm all set up again, I'll be a regular again, too!

Kara said...

hmmm, it makes me chilly, not sure why. Being around the important people in my life soothes my soul. it's that simple for me, because the impportant people in my life represent "home".

Anonymous said...

Where's my glass?

OldLady Of The Hills said...

The first thing that came into my mind was a Dentists office! That metal thing looks like something a dentist has....and I have no idea what that BLUE is, but it looks like chemicals to me! Oh it something really wonderful Carmi?