Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dawson College - shots fired

I am a graduate of Montreal's Dawson College. This afternoon, every global news outlet is leading with news of a shooting spree in the school's cafeteria.

Sometimes, I wonder what has gone wrong with our world. I still vividly remember the Polytechnique massacre - also in Montreal. And now this. Obviously, there's something wrong with the fabric of the planet.

More soon.

Update - Thu 7:55 a.m. - Police have identified the dead gunman as Kimveer Gill. He kept a blog, and his writings indicate a severely disturbed individual. I can't stop thinking about the young student who died, and how her simple desire to learn resulted in her life being snuffed out. I pray for her, her family, and every other victim of this senseless act. I'm not one for revenge, but I hope there's a special place for this moron who so wantonly visited death and terror on so many innocents.

Your turn: Thoughts?


Uisce said...

No matter how far away the world seems to be, it's always much closer than we realize! :/

kenju said...

Carmi, I don't know what the world is coming to. I hate to read about this one. Some people seem to have so much rage in them, and I wonder why and if it is even partly justified. How horrible to take out your rage on innocent kids.

Anonymous said...

i lived right across the street from Dawson, up until a year ago when i got pregnant. i'm still processing what happened and got away from the tv set... holding my little girl..

Anonymous said...

I have blogged the latest news, I live 1 city block from Dawson. It's just utter madness this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

No words.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what happened in Montreal today, quite honestly. Crazy, crazy world we live in... And really shocking that it would happen again in Montreal.

Makes me sad, but also relieved that more people didn't die at that freak's hands.

Azgreeneyes said...

I will never understand. I just know that it's wrong, and when my kids ask why, I just explain that some people are out of control, and don't care who they hurt.

Moon said...

We were transfixed by the news yesterday afternoon when it was being covered live. My heart went out to all who were there and their families wondering if their loved ones where safe.
It is so hard to reconsile what makes a person do such a thing. Is their own pain so horrible that they need to inflict as much as possible on others? Or are they just so cold that they have no care but to hurt? How can we understand? Where do we start? So many questions with no answers and answers with no way to deal with them.
My heart goes out to all those affected.
Here via Michele's today.

srp said...

Here from Michele.

As I think of my own daughter away at college, it's a bit frightening. As parents we work so hard to keep them safe, protect them and yet let go little by little to let our children grow their own wings and stand on their own feet. As they grow older this becomes a hard balancing act.

But by the time they are in college you think it should be better, however this may be one of the most dangerous and vulnerable times for them. On their own making essentially all their own choices of friends, places to go, things to do; and we aren't there. All the while young adults this age have an overinflated feeling of immortality, that nothing can really hurt them.

So, college is still a time for parent angst, perhaps even more so than toddler time.

Condolences to the family of the girl who was killed and prayers of recovery for those who were injured.

It is a scary world out there, and yet holding amazing beauty and caring people as well.