Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here's looking at you, kid

It's well past midnight as I write this in a tiny hotel room in the middle of a giant city. In just under 10 hours, I'll hopefully lift off the runway on the first leg of my trip home.

As is the case every time I travel alone, I miss being at home. I miss the background and foreground sounds that are unique to our little brood. I miss hearing my wife's voice live - the phone just doesn't cut it.

And I miss seeing her. Sure, I bring lots of pictures on my laptop and PDA, and I run the slide show when I'm not working. But I'd rather be looking at the real thing, because even a picture is a mere two-dimensional representation of reality.

This is what I'll see when I get home. I can't wait.

Your turn: Who's watching you? What is it that makes this person matter so much?


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, it's my cat Sweetie...And he is sooooo sweet and such a love, and I'm the apple of his eye, and that ain't bad!! He is my great comforter and my great company, too!
He Is The Best!

Toni said...

My husband watches me.

He matters a lot to me. He's my world. He's my rock, my comfort, my everything. Ah, mush.

I suddenly miss him. Can't wait till the work day is over and we're together again. :D

P.S. That's a cute picture of your wife!

kenju said...

Nice post, Carmi, I hope your family appreciates you!

My husband watches me too. We have been together for almost 43 years, and he "has my back".

Anonymous said...

Because when I get to bed at night, usually long after he has because he gets up so early in the mornings for work, in his sleep he will tuck his leg over mine. It always makes me feel secure for some reason.

Anonymous said...

My SO, Eric, and my furkids...
they are important to me because I love them all and they are my best friends. We exist in a giving and loving environment.

Pickalish said...

Great picture!!

Mr. Pickles is usually watching me. He matters because he's what holds me together....he's always the calm, cool, collected one that brings things down a notch and helps me see things in a better perspective.

Moon said...

My husband is watching me aswell. He is my hero, he is my safe place to fall, he is who makes me feel strong yet delicate, beautiful and smart at the same time. He is my biggest fan and my bestfriend..He is.....just him.

Jill said...

Yow!! I thought that was your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Great pic.

My hubby of 11 years watches me. He is my best friend. Quite frankly, he is my life. I would not be the person I am today were it not for him.

Young Lady said...

I think your wife is very lucky to have somebody like you.

Chatterhubby watches me.
Sometimes we talk 14 times a day, sometimes it gets sickening but when you live apart like we do, it needs to be done. I get nervous and anxious before he comes home on his days off. Its been 14 years and I love him more now than ever. Good to be back reading in the world of blogs!!

Karen said...

Well, currently it's my trusty Golden Retriever Millie. She watches my every move and when I put on my gym shoes, she thinks it's because we're going for a walk. Unfortunately for her, it's because I'm going to tennis. But I'll be back for her in a bit.

Welcome home, Carmi! Hope your trip was great. Enjoy the weekend. Michele sent me this morning!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend Dave - his love is without judgement and full of interest and insight. It's inspiring.
Our three month old daughter Ella, the way she looks at me makes me melt.

Anonymous said...

My husband watches. He's a daily reminder that life can be wonderful no matter what interfers.

My daughter watches..since she was 14 and I first started to have problems walking. She's the one the post is about.

My son watches .. he seems so very crass at times yet always reminds me, only I limit what I can now do.

Anonymous said...

She's only got eyes for you!

Thanks for you comments, Carmi. Michele has got us all coming and ging!