Friday, November 24, 2006

A window of warmth

Few things are as comforting as sitting down next to a gentle window scene on a cold day with a hot mug of something in your hands and a group of like-minded kind souls with whom you can share the experience.

I found this particular piece of glass in Vail, in a Starbucks of all places. After walking around the village for a while, our group was a little on the chilled side - yes, that is snow on the ground, as we were there a mere week before the slopes opened - so we popped in and chatted for a bit. The banter that flew around the table was lively, as befits a group of analysts, journalists and industry experts from around the world. It was one of those moments that pretty much seals your memory of a very unique day.

It's funny how you can find warmth and friendship in a place so far from home.

Your turn: Have you found similar experiences in a distant place?


kenju said...

Absolutely! We got into conversations all over Europe in Oct. with other people from the US and Canada. I remarked that when travelling, you cannot assume that people around you don't speak your language - because most of them do!

Michele sent me this time.

srp said...

I find comfort in Starbucks no matter where they are... White Chocolate Mocha with Almond.... Perfect!

I did see a picture of a chapel built in the Arkansas woods, accessible by gravel road. At first that doesn't sound very different, but this chapel was entirely glass, even the roof. It looked like the pine trees were right there all around you. I would really like to sit in that chapel some day, it looked so peaceful.

Here from Michele.

Anonymous said...

What a great shot, Carmi. The viewer can actually "feel" the ambiance.
And yes...I always tend to find that kind of feeling when I'm in Paris.

Anonymous said...

Once, when we were visiting my parents, my husband and I went out to dinner at a place called Grampas. Set to the side, they had a bar, and in it you could have your drinks, but also peanuts, with shells. You would eat the nuts, and toss them on the ground. We struck up a conversation with a couple all decked out in leather and tatoos. The were part of a Hell's Angels group, that had just finished a Toy's for Tot's drive. When I first walked in, they scared me, but after we began to talk to them, I realized they did not fit the stereotype we all heard about.

Good stuff.

craziequeen said...

What a magical picture - and wouldn't it make a wonderful greetings card?

Being a bit shy, I never feel like that with strangers, but wherever the Crazies are - that's home to me.


Hi Carmi honey, Michele sent me to see how you are today.

Teena in Toronto said...

What a lovely pic!

I'm here via Blog Fodder :)

Hen Jen said...

lovely picture.
We found comfort in a Starbucks in Taiwan. I know in some circles it is cool to look down on them, but in a country where we were so 'foreign' and didn't speak the language and didn't recognize much of the food. We loved going to starbucks and ordering something familiar, and chatting with other Americans there.
Same in Ireland, at least they knew what half-n-half was, even if they couldn't give us any...


Deanna Troi said...

That's a good picture; I visited a tiny town in a remote area of Russia. The whole town were celebrating that day.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me again, Carmi.

I love this type of picture, Carmi. And this is a particularly good example of the art. Taking a picture through a window can be distracting or illuminating and your photo is definitely of the latter type. The brown tones of the outside view are only emphasized by the window frame and interior. I really like this.

Anonymous said...

A Starbucks in Vail ... what a beautiful picture ... I'm wishing I was there with a hot mug of something right now!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that really is a fantastic picture and I can't believe you managed to get it in a Starbucks of all places!!

Here from Michele's.....again!! :D

Kansas said...

I love this photo! I love the sepia tone and the whole feeling of nastalgia.

Plus, I've always like window pictures...not to be confused with picture windows!