Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Eye of the storm?
London, ON, June 2009
About this photo: Thematic Photographic...monochrome...your turn!
The scene: I'm a bit early for after-school pickup. It's a warm spring day, and parents are milling around the front doors waiting for the kids to be sprung. I'm not feeling particularly social on this day - yes, even I have days where I'd rather not play with the Happy Fun Ball - so I grab the camera and head to the other end of the parking lot.

It's brilliantly sunny, which through my lens isn't a good thing because it's washing out the detail on every available surface. The fact that I'm on a run-down sidewalk beside a four-lane arterial road packed with traffic doesn't help matters, as there isn't a whole lot of interesting scenery out here. But I persist because I've got another 10 minutes to kill and I'm not returning to the parking lot empty-handed. I'm stubborn that way.

The end result: Would you believe a telephone pole?

Your turn: The things we see when we have a bit of free time on our hands. Please discuss.


Rinkly Rimes said...

I quite thought it was some precious piece of old timber!

Mine is also a piece of wood...... in a way.


Anonymous said...

I love the wonder in everyday things!

It does make me sad when I lose my desire to find that wonder, though. Glad you have it in ya...

Love the contrast in this b/w, Carmi.

MorahMommy said...

1 word GORGEOUS!


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

a bit of free time + a camera = absolutely my all time favourite thing!
love the wood..........

sister AE said...

I had to come back and say this picture makes me want to reach out and run my finger over it, firmer where it is smooth, but very lightly at the ridges where I'm sure splinters lurk.

Independent Chick said...

Brilliant photograph!