Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Little boy at play

Leaving his mark
London, ON, May 2009
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can immerse himself in play wherever he is. He grabs whatever's closest, chalk in this case, and fills the few moments that he has with activity. On this morning before school, I hung around the school yard and watched him.

When the bell rang, he ran into line with his classmates and I slowly turned and walked back toward the real world, where the simple art of play isn't as visible as it is here.

Your turn: What can kids teach us?


Anonymous said...

They teach us to thrill - and to despair. I've often avoided telling Sweet Girl about something coming up because she works herself into such a frenzy. But I've decided that I may be robbing her of the opportunity to be thrilled - and of learning to cope with disappointment if the promised event doesn't come to pass. It's not easier for me, but it is richer - and I'm learning from her.

LZ Blogger said...

Carmi ~ Great shot! ~ jb///

Michael Manning said...

A little chalk, and a tremendous amount of wonder and imagination! A great post, Carmi!

torontopearl said...

Kids can teach us that it's okay to still be a kid at heart...to look at the world with wide eyes, in wonder...and to be silly when nobody's looking! (and sometimes even when they are looking)

kenju said...

If nothing else, they can teach us how to have joy in simple things.