Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Watery flora
Laval, QC, October 2009

I had been walking alone by the river on this early morning, wondering about the kinds of things one wonders about when life seems more overwhelming than usual. We were staying with my mom, our first visit with her since my father had passed away a few weeks earlier. Everything felt different, largely a result of the fact that we were all still working through the shock. I don't think I was doing a particularly job of it - then as now - so I thought some quiet time with a camera might help.

The waterways that surround the neighborhood had always been good to me. When I was a kid, riding my bike down here, even for a short while, was often enough to help me think through the complexities of life. I'd get back home with a renewed sense of what I needed to do next. And why.

I can't say that happened following this particular walk. I think I returned with more questions than I had when I left the house. But at least I got a few minutes of silence to reflect on a place that had brought my father more than a small amount of peace in the final few years of his life. For now, at least, that would have to be enough.

Your turn: Where do you go to reflect? Does it help?

One more thing: This photo begins the wind-down of this week's Thematic Photographic theme, "The grass is always greener." There's still time to share your own - just follow your mouse here. A new theme goes up tonight (Wed.) at 7:00 Eastern. What will it be? I honestly don't know just yet, but I'm always open to suggestions.

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dianne - bunny trails said...

Quite beautiful. Where I unwind really depends much upon the weather. One of my favorite places here is Glen Eyrie. It's almost ethereal being there. Hard to believe it's practically in town. When I can't get out, I like some quiet time in my spare room/studio in the special chair (sounds a little weird, I know). But it's a peaceful place to be.