Thursday, April 22, 2010

Every day should be Earth Day

Different forms of pollution
London, ON
February 2009

On a bitterly cold, brilliantly sunny afternoon, I found myself standing under this rather interesting convergence of human-caused atmospheric phenomena. As I look back at this photo today, I find myself thinking that the concept of Earth Day may not be ambitious enough to fix whatever's broken in this frame.

Don't get me wrong: Earth Day is a great initiative and a wonderful way to raise awareness. I know that the yearly celebrations and activities at school have helped our kids become much more environmentally aware and sensitive than we ever were at their age.

But it's only a day. For most of us, the other 364 days of the year are business as usual. We go about our business, driving when we should walk, lighting when we can function just as well with less light, heating when we can pull on a sweater.

In my lifetime, I've watched Earth Day go from a faddish, feel-good event for publicity-seeking celebs to yesterday's news and, finally, back to a moment of relevance for our kids. I'm wondering what it'll take to make the next leap to everyday awareness. And action. I'd like to think that this kind of progress lies within our generation's grasp.

Your turn: How will you celebrate Earth Day? How will you celebrate the day after Earth Day?


Twain12 said...

We recycle, compost , changed the light bulbs throughout the house etc. I could do so much more and we still own a gas guzzler but do try not to drive needlessly. Unfortunately living on the outskirts public transportation isn't an option.I'm also trying to reduce my use of plastics after reading articles like this.

It is a work in progress but i'm not so sure we are winning the battle

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

think we'll celebrate Earth Day by seriously deciding to only buy what i can recycle

it's a lazyness thing with me

if i HAD to pay to recycle/ have my rubbish taken away
i wouldn't buy anything wrapped in plastic

we'd all soon catch on.....

fredamans said...

I, too, believe every day should be Earth Day. Especially with all the effects it has on our planet these days, we should be more "green" and take proper care of our environment. Planting trees, flowers, recycling and no pesticides is a start.
I, personally do my best everyday to live green. No one is perfect. I do believe however, if we all create a change in our habits, only good can come of it.

Great post! Hopefully those who are not diligent in recycling or other green activities, will start.

Happy Earth Day everyone!