Sunday, April 11, 2010


London, ON, January 2009
About this photo: We've been looking back at winter, and will continue to do so through this coming Wednesday. Do you have something wintry to share? If so, please click here.
There are days where everything snaps into focus and there's little doubt about who you are, what you're supposed to be doing and where you're headed. Then there are days where things are just a little fuzzier then you'd like, where the gears don't feel fully engaged and things don't click into place as fast we wish.

On days like these, I think of this picture, shot on a brutally cold winter day not far from home. I've loved this photo from the moment I shot it because it plays with our sense of perspective. Without any points of reference within the frame, the sense of scale can be whatever your mind wants it to be. You could be looking at a scene a few inches across...or alternatively one miles wide, shot from miles high. I'll let you imagine

Oh, about that feeling of drifting? The good news is it never lasts forever. Eventually, the wind stops, the weather warms up and the drifting snow melts into a mere memory.

Your turn: When you're feeling a little lost, what gets you back on an even keel?


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

even keel? music....&/ or a walk, on my own

Aunt Snow said...

Oh, that is wintery!! But I can't take any more cold! We've seesawed from 80 degree weather to a recent cold front, and I'm ready for it to be warm.