Friday, April 02, 2010

Sky falls down

At the end of the day
London, ON, February 2010
About this photo: Thematic Photographic explores trees this week. So if you've got anything branch-like in the archives, please head here to share.
I had taken our kids and their friends on a weekend afternoon playdate at an indoor gym. As we headed back to the car, they bantered happily about the experience.

I couldn't help but notice the sky. Even out here in the wastelands of a forgettable suburbia, it knew how to put on a show, and it called out to me. Our kids, of course, understand what it means when I ask them to give me a moment to pull out the camera. For their friends, however, this was a new experience. So while our daughter explained my weird obsession to them, I took a few quick pictures across the parking lot.

I tucked the camera away and got back into the car, surrounded by still-bantering voices reflecting on the adventure that just was. The perfect way to end a sweet day with a sweet bunch of kids.

Your turn: Can photography pause time? How?


sister AE said...

I love it when the sky looks like a watercolor painting. And the pictures you have on the previous post is hauntingly gorgeous.

Mine is not so moving, but still I found something unexpected in it.

You can find my tree pick here:

Twain12 said...

here are mine
I love trees and sky pictures, the one you posted is beautiful

Friko said...

hallo Carmi

I came via Gilly because her tree roots picture made me curious to see who could have set the task.

Your sky photo is very beautiful.

Brandt! said...

i love the story .. my kids think I am just plain weird stopping for those moments with my camera. I am also intrigued with trees and branches and sky .. I'll dig up the pics up and post them with a connector to you!

young-ecletic-encounters said...

Lovely sky pic. My family has gotten used to me stopping to take pictures and now they look for photo ops for me. My husband will sometime come home from work tell me to grab my camera so I can photograph what he found. They even call me to let me know about a good sunset or a good moon shots. It's great. My car is about to have a bumber sticker that says Caution: I stop for Photo Ops.