Monday, April 05, 2010


Guess what grows on trees
Montreal, QC, August 2009
About this photo: Thematic Photographic explores trees through this coming Wednesday. Head this way if you've got some leafy goodness of your own to share.
My son, Zach, was having quite the afternoon, tagging along with me on a grand adventure in downtown Montreal. I had just done two televised interviews, one with CTV and the other with the CBC, and we were walking back to the car on a gloriously sunny early evening.

We weren't in a particular rush to get back - rush hour was still raging and we figured a little dawdling on our way to the parking lot would save us some traffic time - so we found ourselves taking in the sights of this alternately busy and gritty neighborhood.

We both stopped, speechless, when we came across the box of takeout hanging from the tree. It had clearly been left by a litterer with a sense of humor, if not much of an environmental conscience. We shrugged our shoulders at the silliness of it all, because a rather empty garbage can was just a few meters away on the sidewalk.

Your turn: The creative ways we litter. Please discuss.


From Tracie said...

That is hilarious!! (not littering in general of course-that is bad, but this particular litter is cracking me up!)

awareness said...

Camoflauged! Litter grows on trees.

Driving my kids to school this morning along the old part of the Trans Canada going into Fredericton we were commenting on how much litter has accumulated over the winter along the sides. It WILL get picked up.... the melted snow has only just revealed it. However, what strikes me is....what kind of person tosses a whole garbage bag full of crap from a moving vehicle?

Tim Hortons cups are so much a part of our collectively littered landscape arent they?

Janis said...

Some people have a real sense of humor! Hi I am new to your site..I just got a new SLR camera and taking lots of your themes every I will be hanging around for a while.

craziequeen said...

I'm one of those people who just can't see further than the act of littering...

It's good for us that there are people like you, Carmi, who can see beyond the act to the humour :-)


Cloudia said...

Some people are....but let's assume this was an art project.

Ah, Montreal! It's been decades, but I'll always love that amazing city.

Sorry I haven't been visiting as often as I'd like, but I've been
having connection issues that I THINK I've solved. Thanks for YOUr
visits & comments :)

Aloha from Waikiki

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