Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eat a complete breakfast, because Mom said so

London, ON
February 2010
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Mom always taught us to never skip breakfast. If we did, all sorts of stuff would happen to us, including, but not limited to, falling asleep in class, blackouts in the school yard and a minor military skirmish in deepest Tasmania.

In my world, you simply ate your brekky every day. Juice, cereal and milk when you were rushing to get to school, or oatmeal if you had the time to linger a little.

The scene to the left is one of those if-you-have-the-time breakfasts, the kind of thing my wife will throw together when the frosted windows barely conceal the wintry landscape outside. If you're really hungry, feel free to click the picture to make it bigger.

I don't fully understand the science of it all, but I really do believe that pancakes - or french toast, or oatmeal, or whatever else warms your insides - taste better on days like today. Because it isn't necessarily the stuff you eat that seems to make it special. Instead, the difference seems to lie in who makes it, why they make it, and how much fun it is to sit around the table and slowly start the day together.

In that regard, and so many others, I lead a pretty sweet life.

Your turn: What does breakfast look - or feel - like to you?

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