Thursday, December 06, 2012

#SubaruDrive heads-up

I'm doing something supremely cool at work tomorrow (oops, it's today already...I've GOT to start getting to sleep earlier.)

Anyway, my sleeplessness notwithstanding, Microsoft Canada is holding an event on Thursday morning in its parking lot at its Canadian head office in Mississauga. Subaru Canada is bringing a bunch of cars. We'll put some journalists and analysts in them, and turn them loose on a slalom course.

We'll let them experience Subaru's lifesaving EyeSight technology first-hand, and we'll discuss how Microsoft technology - namely Lync - helps Subaru do some pretty agile stuff in a massively competitive automotive market.

We're calling it the Subaru Drive event, and I'll be tweeting from the @MicrosoftCanada Twitter handle, using the #SubaruDrive tag throughout the morning.

Tune in if you can - I promise it'll be fun. In the meantime, enjoy this bit of automotive photographic loveliness, otherwise known as the Subaru BRZ. Yes, I want.

(As an aside, I shot both of these with my Windows Phone. Mobile photography rocks, no?)

Your turn: Your favorite car is...? Because...?


. said...

A Subaru Outback, of course, because I live in New England, and that's what we drive.

Bernie said...

Can't WAIT to see some pics of the day!!!! Sounds totally awesome!!

My favourite car?? Suzuki Grand Vitara, I'm on my second Vitara and third Suzuki over all. My last one did some 350,000 klm whilst my original Suzuki, a Sierra, won me a few awards for 4WD'ing!