Monday, December 17, 2012

Glass not quite half full

Delray Beach, FL
January 2011

Thought I'd squeeze in one last shadow-themed pic - see here to squeeze in one of your own - before we launch some Industrial Disease in a little over an hour.

Why this pic? Because we've been sharing shadows all week and most of them have been dark-toned, reflecting a general absence of light. Makes sense, of course. But this shot seems to defy convention. There's just enough brilliance mixed in there that maybe the darkness isn't as dark as we once thought it was.

Hmm, maybe this isn't about simple juice glasses after all.

Your turn: How does this scene make you feel?

1 comment:

Bernie said...

At first, and I am still a little puzzled, is it juice you have in the glass??? It sort of looks like a good Scotch!

The pic itself is 'screaming' me all over actually... The shadows (of depression, a little) and the 'Light' at the end of the tunnel... You may have seen that my 'Shadow' post, was on my late wife's Louise’s birthday. I also did another post, not really a shadow per say, but yesterday was our wedding anniversary, and I have been in a bit of a shadow of depression.

Now your lovely photo, bring light into the frame, which is how I am feeling a little this morning, gives me direction, clarity and a force to contend with what life throws my way for what’s left of 2012!

Your photos, and outlook of these photos, always inspires me, so thanks you for that!!!