Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Look who's got an online stalker

Apparently, that would be me.

I'm posting this not because I want to attract any more attention to someone who seems to thrive on it, but because I simply want a record in case whoever this is decides Twitter storms aren't enough and decides to show up unannounced and uninvited at my front door.

As far as I can tell, my wannabe-groupie posted 9 tweets in quick succession while I was being interviewed on CTV News Channel last week. As often happens with trolls, they have their fun and then go dormant - and that's pretty much what seems to have happened here.

But still, in the interest of covering my digital behind, here it is.

I'll give whoever this is props for coming up with the #CarmiArmy hashtag. but given the rapid detour into anonymously-posted wackyville, I'll have to politely decline any further online discussion.


1 comment:

lissa said...

It's a mix between creepy and cute - more of the former as it goes along. She's got a crush on you (hey, she ain't blind) but her abundance of exclamation points denotes what is probably a young admirer.

I'd still be a little freaked out. If you feel it is excessive, block her and see if she turns up in another incarnation. Anyone posting anonymously (especially using your name!) is someone to be wary of - more than a little.

You're right to keep and post a record of it. But at least she's complimentary, not a troll of the creepy, scary type!