Saturday, December 07, 2013

What do you buy a geek?

It's quite a kick being a writer, because I get to spend my days pulling words together in my quiet home office with my dog at my feet, or at the kitchen table with the dog at my feet, or in the Starbucks while I'm slurping a tea and free Wi-Fi with the dog most definitely not at my feet.

And when the words are arranged just so, I send them off to some faraway place, where before long they get published in some pretty neat places.

It's magic. Every time. And it'll never get old.

Sometimes the words end up in a new place. Like this week, when Reader's Digest Canada published my work for the first time. The article, 10 Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers, will hopefully ease the holiday-time angst many of us feel when we head to the mall. Until the utopian future of my dreams where this ridiculous year-end retail tradition is finally put to rest, I'll keep writing articles like this. I promise I won't show up at the Starbucks with the dog.

Enjoy the read.

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