Friday, December 27, 2013

Puppies get lonely, too

Loyal dog waits for idiotic owner
London, ON
September 2013
Thematic. Let's go shopping. Here.
I'm not one to judge. Except when I'm presented with a golden (sorry, couldn't resist) opportunity to do just that.

This lovely golden was sitting in an open-top BMW 3-series in a Costco parking lot while the owner fetched oversized tins of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise for the upcoming absentee-dog-owners' annual BBQ. Puppy was there when we parked, and still in the same spot when we were on our way out. I'm guessing they needed a lot of ketchup.

It was a pretty nice day out, so I'm pretty sure Fido wasn't terribly stressed. But the thought of leaving a dog alone in an open-aired vehicle in the middle of a busy suburban big box parking lot is, from where I sit, beyond reckless.

I didn't approach the car to avoid upsetting the pup. But it bugged me enough to that I felt compelled to shoot both the dog and the vehicle's license plate from afar in case either one showed up in a headline later on.

Maybe it's me, but this isn't the right place for a dog if you're out and about and you're alone. I've had Frasier ride shotgun with me on errands before, but only if I've had someone else in the car with me to run him around in between stops. Leaving him alone, anywhere and under any circumstances, seems like a recipe for disaster.

I'm betting the BMW had an automatic transmission, too. Poser.

Your turn: Thoughts?


Robin Janney said...

In this day and age, no I wouldn't leave a dog like this. Too risky.

My mom likes to tell of a border collie they had when I was an infant. She would take the dog, Snoopy, shopping with her and Snoopy would hop out and lay under the car while Mom was in shopping. Then when Mom came out, Snoopy would hop back in the car.

Snoopy was good at growling at ppl if they got to close to the car when Mom and I were in it. She was a good guard dog! lol!

But that was 37-some years ago!

Cloudia said...

You're my kinda guy, Carmi

from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

Kavi said...

Nobody leaves anything in an open parking lot.

And a dog is more than any'thing'! So what if it sat in a BMW. This is crazy

Alexia said...


Bob Scotney said...

I'm surprised that the dog would still be there when they came back - unless it was 'tied' in of course.

Chris said...

I had an elderly, neurotic border collie who, for the last 2 years of his life, was only happy when he was in the car. It didn't matter where we went, or what we tried to do with him (formerly favourite walks, the beach ...) he was agitated, unless we let him sit in the car. He would happily lie in the back all day if we let him. So maybe there were extenuating circumstances here?

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