Saturday, May 07, 2016

Give thanks for bread

London, ON
April 2016
There's nothing like a simple moment of clarity to remind us of what truly matters and what truly doesn't. To the uninitiated, this is a random shot of some random rolls, another in a seemingly endless series of similarly random series of shots that I've taken over the years (here, here and most definitely here.)

But I took it on a morning when my wife and I had gone out for breakfast with our kids and her dad. The place was Angelo's (we've been there many times before) and it was a rare treat to hang out on a grey and rainy morning in their favorite neighborhood resto with their grandfather.

And when we were done, we picked up some fresh-baked bread to take home before Zayda Irving got into his car and pointed it back to his home in Montreal. Against that backdrop, a random picture of white-seeded rolls perhaps isn't so random after all. Perhaps this photography thing isn't as much about the picture as it is about the moment it was taken, and why we need to remember these things in the first place.

Your turn: Do you take pictures to remember otherwise everyday moments in time?

1 comment:

Nikki-ann said...

I do occassionally.

Oh, I do miss freshly baked bread. Just the smell of it is gorgeous, never mind the taste :)