Monday, May 02, 2016

Love on a real train

Speeding past the farm
Somewhere East of London, ON
October 2012
Photography isn't always about the planned picture of the static scene, and you aren't always using the so-called "right" equipment to get the shot.

This landscape scene of a southwestern Ontario farm wasn't shot using a DSLR on a tripod, and I hadn't spent the last 20 minutes carefully composing the moment in my mind's eye. It was a lot less planned than that: I had my iPad pressed up against the window of a speeding Via Rail train as I headed to Toronto. I'm guessing we were doing about 130 km/h at the time.

Lesson learned: Don't wait for the perfect moment. Grab what you can, when you can, and sort it all out later when you get home.

One more thing: Thematic Photographic returns tonight. Check back at 7pm for the latest theme.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Great pano photo!.. You should post more! :-) and u are right- we should not hesitate.

Tabor said...

I have been surprised at the lucky shots I have gotten from a moving vehicle.

Pat Tillett said...

Really nice photo! I enlarged it, and it became even better.