Sunday, May 01, 2016

Saying goodbye to winter

In the middle of the storm
London, ON
February 2016
Photo by Dahlia Levy
It's officially been spring around these parts for well over a month, but you wouldn't have known it from the weird weather we've had since the planet swept past that very special spot in space that marks the dividing line between seasons. And as the skies remained grey and streaks of snow continued to fly past our firmly closed and locked windows, I was reminded of this picture our daughter took just a few short months ago.

She's studying photography in college now, and she's already way better at using pixels to tell stories than I ever was or will be. And in this one picture that has stuck in my mind since the first time she showed it to me, she's taught me that color is often found in the last place you look, and even when the skies threaten with substandard light and lens-fouling snow and ice, you find a way to shoot.

Because squeezing something worthwhile out of a challenging day is so much more rewarding than simply phoning it in when conditions are perfect. It's a lesson she's already learning so well, and I can't wait to see what she shoots next.

Your turn: What else do you want to see through Dahlia's lens? (She takes requests, so...)


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I can't believe she's in college....omg... I love those red doors.. very unique.. usually red doors are associated w/barn doors ( at least its common in the U.S.).... I hope she adds this photo to her portfolio... love the clean lines... As far as photos- how about trees? trees are gorgeous w/snow...

Gilly said...

Paths, all sorts of paths, they can tell a story in themselves. I just love that winter pic of hers, the contrast between the colours, the horizontal and vertical lines, and just the simplicity of it which tells so much.

Alexia said...

That's a fabulous shot!

In college already?? Isn't it scary how quickly time goes...

Pat Tillett said...

She is right! Sometimes, finding the shot is a problem, but it is almost always out there.
We are still waiting for winter and/or autumn out here. Based on what we all heard on the news we were supposed to have an El Nino year. It totally missed most of southern California.