Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sorry, no exit

Read the sign
London, ON
May 2016
I'll apologize now for not having a whole lot to say. In case you're just joining us, it's been a rough week. And when the world gets turbulent, I often struggle for the right thing to say. Or anything, for that matter.

So instead I'll share this image, captured during a lunchtime walk last week. Despite my best intentions to lead a more balanced life, I haven't been as diligent about getting out for walks as I should be, so I've been pushing myself to get off my duff and out the door. No, I can't always spare the time, because there's always something or someone waiting for something to get done. But if you don't draw a line somewhere, it'll never happen.

I shot a few odds and ends before I headed back to the real world, and looking back at scenes like this, I'm reminded why seemingly simple photos of  neighbourhood fixtures matter as much as they do.

The lesson: Take the time. Because you never know when you'll run out of days.

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