Friday, August 12, 2016

An old bulb lights the way

I found this rather retro incandescent bulb, one of many, hanging from the ceiling of a delightful burger joint by the sea. On a sultry summer evening in South Florida, all of its floor-to-ceiling doors and windows were flung open, allowing the teeming crowd of teens and families to easily flow in and out in search of seats, eats and the occasional breeze.

Alas, there were no breezes to be had, but that didn't seem to impact the mood of this place. We could have stayed here all night, enjoying the spirit of a place that seemed to be firmly rooted in a time long since replaced by chain restaurants and watered-down experiences. But not here. And yet again I was reminded that a life well lived is filled with moments where you're surrounded by warmth and kindness, where you take the time to somehow capture what those moments felt like.

Some day this old-style incandescent bulb might be replaced by something more efficient. I'm guessing it won't be anywhere near as lovely as this.

Your turn: A place worth remembering. And...go...

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