Monday, August 01, 2016

These ships have sailed

Seeking the wind
Port Stanley, ON
August 2015
There's a working harbor just to the east of the main beach in Port Stanley*, a popular beach/tourist town about a 45-minute drive away from London. It's a gritty counterpoint to the kitschy beach vibe, and a reminder that this rather isolated town can't survive on tourist dollars alone.

Years ago, some enterprising souls decided to paint murals on the giant oil tanks that dominate the skyline. Time hasn't done the artwork any favors, but that doesn't mean they should be painted over. If anything, their years of exposure only add to their charm.

Come sail away, indeed.

Your turn: Got any urban artwork near you?

* We've been here before. Here, here, and here. And if you're into the Thematic thing, this photo supports last week's softness theme because, well, the sails are kinda soft. That's my story I'm sticking to it. You're always welcome to share your own here. New theme goes live at 7 Eastern tonight.

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